Chinese Dumplings and Global Warming

This has been a fascinating article in recent months. In my mind, it was really hard to make connections between dumplings and global warming. However, after reading the article, I was reflecting that me myself sometimes make dumplings and freeze them in the freezer, for the convenience that next time we can just take out and boil them and eat. I confess that there are still several small bags of dumplings in my frig, possibly tracing back to one year ago. They most likely will end in my trash can, since they really taste bad… right, I do not have the industrial standard refrigerator which can freeze them fast… Lesson: I should not try to freeze myself any more, which is totally a waste of energy.

The great reminder to everyone, that with the refrigerating chain, food simply changed its rotting location from the production site to consumer homes. Undeniable!!!

Like what we used to ask, what if Chinese people all owns automobiles like the Americans, this is again a great question: what if Chinese build up a sophisticated refrigerating chain like the US? Certainly it will contribute greatly to global warming… Then thinking back that average Chinese people suffer twice a week some kind of stomach problem due to food not kept fresh, is there any way out on this health problem?

I was surprised by the size of refrigerators when I first came to US more than 10 years ago, you easily stuff in with 1-2 weeks’ food stock.  I was further encouraged to stuff it more when I was told that refrigerators are more electric efficient if it is fully packed. Four years’ experience living in the Netherlands taught me that life with a frig less than one fourth of the American size and without a separate freezer was also possible. Indeed, you have to shop more often, but you do throw away a lot less.

For Chinese who are so obsessed with food, freshness and health, I hope the choice of building a refrigerate chain could be smarter.

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